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Who You Going to Believe, CBO or an Ignorant/Lying Congressman?

Let’s have a little contest folks on what the D in DCCC stands for in honor of Congressman Steve Israel’s (head of the DCCC) moronic comments on CNBC yesterday.  Some of my favorites are delusional, denial, and drugged.  Post some of your own in the comments section.  The winner gets and all expense paid vacation to the office of Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Here’s the video of Steve Israel on CNBC where he says “Medicare is not going bankrupt”.  The reaction of all of the hosts, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, Larry  Kudlow, and even Andrew Ross Sorkin (former NY Times writer) was nothing short of  stunned amazement.  Watch for yourselves”:

Steve Israel points to the non-partisan CBO (Congressional Budget Office) to justify his comments.  Obviously Israel hasn’t read the CBO report or worse yet, is intentionally lying about what the report says.  Well here’s what the CBO report says about Medicare : “CBO projects that this trust fund will be depleted to zero during the 2013–2022 period. However, in keeping with the rules in section of the Deficit Control Act of 1985, CBO’s baseline incorporates the assumption that payments will continue to be made after the trust fund has been exhausted, although there is no legal authority to make such payments.”  The full report can be found here: http://www.cbo.gov/sites/default/files/cbofiles/attachments/01-31-2012_Outlook.pdf.

Here is the pertinent table from the CBO report for all to see that the program is going bankrupt: (Click on table to enlarge)


Source: Congressional Budget Office.

Notes: Negative numbers indicate that the trust fund transactions add to total budget deficits.

* = between -$500 million and $500 million.

a. CBO projects that this trust fund will be depleted to zero during the 2013–2022 period. However, in keeping with the rules in section 257of the Deficit Control Act of 1985, CBO’s baseline incorporates the assumption that payments will continue to be made after the trust fund has been exhausted, although there is no legal authority to make such payments.

b. Includes Civil Service Retirement, Foreign Service Retirement, and several smaller retirement trust funds.

c. Consists primarily of trust funds for railroad workers’ retirement, federal employees’ health and life insurance, Superfund, and various insurance programs for veterans.

d. Includes interest paid to trust funds, payments from the Treasury’s general fund to the Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund, the federal government’s share of payments for employees’ retirement, lump-sum payments to the Civil Service Retirement and Military Retirement Trust Funds, taxes on Social Security benefits, and smaller, miscellaneous payments.

So there is it folks, in black in white from the CBO-The Medicare Trust Fund is bankrupt!   Either Steve Israel is completely ignorant regarding the solvency of Medicare or he is outright lying.   Whichever it is, the CNBC video combined with the facts put forth in the CBO report clearly demonstrate that he has outlived his uselessness as a member of Congress.  So the next time you see
Congressman Israel’s lips moving, you can be pretty sure he’s not telling the truth.  It’s time for people in the 3rd Congressional District of New York to send Congressman Israel a pink slip in November.

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Rep Steve Israel Says Medicare Not Going Bankrupt-What a Moron!

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 I have spent a considerable amount of time researching my congressman’s record.  If you think your congressperson is useless, I bet you I can one up you with my congressman!  I was stunned to find out that Congressman Israel is nothing but an empty suit that talks a good name but for all practical purposes, gets nothing done in Congress.  Let’s look at the stats on Congressman Israel.

Since he took office Jan 2001, Steve Israel has sponsored 144 bills of which 142 haven’t made it out of committee and only 2 were successfully enacted (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/person.xpd?id=400195).  To use a football metaphor his percent of completed passes is only 1.3%.  I don’t think he’d qualify for any MVP awards for that performance.  Here are his stats for the 2011-2012 legislative session (http://www.opencongress.org/people/show/400195_Steve_Israel):

  • 29 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 33 of 440) 0 Made Into Law (Ranks 141 of 440)
  • 216 Co-Sponsored Bills (Ranks 62 of 440) 6 Made Into Law (Ranks 2 of 440)

Talk about an abysmal record!  I said to myself “are you kidding me, you have the 2nd WORST co-sponsorship record for bills made into law and you only ranked 33rd in sponsoring bills, none of which have been enacted”.  What the hell is this guy doing all day down in Washington and what kind of bills does he sign on to that no one wants to enact?   Anyone wanting to answer this question can go to his website and click on the link providing this information.  One thing is clear to me; I see nothing that would improve the economic conditions of constituents or businesses in the 2nd congressional district.

To get back to the answering the question of what the hell does he do all day, I found this chart which depicts Congressman Israel’s missed votes. Steve Israel missed 217 (3%) of 7,982 roll call votes since Jan 3, 2001. The graph below shows the percent of roll call votes Steve Israel was absent for during the Member’s time in Congress.


Congressman Israel’s absentee rate is in red. The two thin black lines provide a context for understanding the significance of the absentee rate. The lower dotted line shows the median value for all Members of Congress in that time period. The upper dotted line shows the 90th percentile. A Member who approaches the upper dotted line is in the worst 10 percent of Congress.

Source: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/person.xpd?id=400195&tab=votes

It is clear from the graph that Congressman Israel exceeds the median for all members of Congress and during many periods he approaches the upper dotted line giving him the dubious distinction of ranking in the worst 10% of Congress.  In a sign of things to come, look at the slope of line staring in 2011.  It appears that we have “lift off” with all systems go for a possibly record breaking performance!  I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that he is head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and doesn’t have time to do the congressional duties for which he was elected.  Speaking of his chairmanship at the DCCC, how does a Congressman with such pathetic record get such a prestigious post?  Was this payola for not running against Andrew Cuomo for Governor of NY? Inquiring minds want to know.

For those of you who don’t know, when Congressman Israel is home in the district he likes to portray himself as a moderate.  Well my research found that nothing could be further from the truth as illustrated in the following chart:


The graph to the left shows Israel as a large dot among his peers, with the left-right axis indicating ideology and the up-down axis representing legislative leadership.

These labels come from the Political Spectrum & Legislative Leadership statistical analysis that we have carried out. The statistical analysis is blind to party affiliation and the content of bills. From there, we have divided the Members of Congress into far-left/right, rank-and-file, and centrist; and leader, rank-and-file, or lonely (i.e. follower) by 20th and 80th percentiles.

Source: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/person.xpd?id=400195

It’s pretty clear that he is way to the left of most member of Congress.  To further illustrate this just take a look at a head to head comparison of Steve Israel and Nancy Pelosi:

Steve Israel and Nancy Pelosi have voted together 1454 times on roll call votes since January, 2007 in votes where neither abstained, representing a voting similarity of 94%. The list below highlights how their voting records compare on passage of bills

Source:  http://www.opencongress.org/people/compare?utf8=%E2%9C%93&representatives=true&person1=400195&person2=400314&commit=Compare

So what are we, the constituents of Steve Israel, to make of this little trip down memory lane?   Well one thing is clear to me; he doesn’t get much done in Congress.  If he were in private industry he would have been canned a long time ago.  To be honest, I was pretty stunned to see just how ineffective Steve Israel is as a Congressman.  The way he talks you’d think he was a real mover and shaker in Congress, but what I found is that he’s a DUD! It’s time the people of the 2nd Congressional send Congressman Israel a big fat pink slip.


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Just Call me Lucifer!

It’s pretty clear that the democratic playbook for the up-coming election is to trash the tea party and blame all of us who rallied because of Rick Santelli’s famous rant on CNBC.  Congressman Steve Israel is the head of the DCCC (Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee) and is using these tactics against every republican in the country and Steve Labate in particular.  Below is a fundraising email from Congressman Steve Israel. The Israel campaign trashes the tea party as the enemy of women and the middle class. That’s funny since most everyone I have ever met at a tax day event was middle class and the largest majority of people there were women, many with their children.   Particularly egregious is the charge that the tea party is responsible for the credit downgrade of the United States. Can you believe the nerve of these people?  I’m sure the downgrade had nothing to do with the 4 straight years of $1 Trillion budget deficits and increase in the federal deficit by 50% to $15.5 Trillion.   Show me one” tea party” member of Congress who voted for such fiscal irresponsibility.  Show me Steve Israel and I will show you a Congressman who has been on a spending orgy since going to Washington. Yes folks, the tea party is the new bogie man and Congressman Israel attempts to use it as a smear against Steve Labate.  Funny, I haven’t seen any official endorsement of Steve Labate by any group claiming to be the evil tea party.  What’s the matter Congressman Israel, can’t dig up any dirt on Steve Labate?  By the way, what is wrong with the “tea party” anyway?  Is it wrong to be patriotic and believe in the greatness of America? Is it wrong to expect the government to live within their means?  Is it wrong to support our troops?  Is it wrong to want to utilize our country’s energy resources?  Is it wrong to want freedom to choose what healthcare plan we want?  If these are the evils of the “tea party”, then call me Lucifer because it’s this kind of evil I would be happy to show up with at the pearly gates.

From: “Hayley Prim ”

Date: February 16, 2012 4:25:53 PM EST

To: E-mail address removed to protect recipient

Subject: And so it begins

Reply-To: Israel4Congress@gmail.com

It’s official. Our campaign now has a Tea Party-backed candidate running against us for New York’s 2nd District. While this news doesn’t come as a shock, it does put more pressure on us to be prepared. Our opponent has been prepping for this race for over two years, when he first tried to get on the ballot in 2010. He’s been raising money and building his campaign since then, and now, with the Tea Party and Republican endorsement, he thinks he’s ready for prime time. Help us stop him in his tracks! Chip in just $5 today to put the brakes on the Tea Party! The Tea Party has been trying to run the country for just over a year now, and look where it’s gotten us. The candidates ran for Congress on the platform of “jobs, jobs, jobs,” but instead, they’ve been attacking women’s health care and tax cuts for the Middle Class. They’ve brought us to the brink of a government shut down three times now, and even caused our country’s credit rating to be downgraded. That hasn’t done much for our nation’s economic recovery. As for jobs bills? None. They’ve attacked the most vulnerable among us by doing nothing at all. The Tea Party run Congress has been the least effective Congress since 1812, and we don’t need to add to it by sending another member to Washington! Help Congressman Israel fight back against the Tea Party! Chip in $5 now: http://www.israelforcongress.com/contribute The Tea Party has sacrificed the average American time and time again for a misguided ideology that has produced no positive results. It’s time to put things right. Thanks for standing with Congressman Israel this election cycle.

Sincerely, Hayley

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Congressman Steve Israel is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!!

Oh my, is Steve Israel afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  Sure sounds like it when you read his campaign website where he whines and cries about some good old fashioned trash talking by Lt Col Steve Labate.  I bet Israel went home and told his mommy about the big bad bully, Lt Col Steve Labate!

Congressman Israel’s campaign attacks Lt Col Steve Labate for a comment Labate made at a recent fundraising event.  Quoting from Israel’s website  “At a Republican gathering late last week, our opponent set the stage for an ugly, nasty campaign by saying things like: “I enjoy a good scrap…Steve Israel will have the fight taken to him like he’s never had before.” That’s not a policy disagreement, that’s personal.”  The Israel campaign goes on to accuse Lt Col Labate of having a vendetta against Steve Israel and that Labate is itching for a personal fight (http://www.israelforcongress.com/node/841). The only thing personal about Labate’s remarks is his expressed desire to stop the destructive policies of Congressman Israel, President Obama and the democratic party so his children are not left with a 3rd world country where fear and despair reign supreme.  Talk about grasping for straws in characterizing Labate’s comments.  Seems to me Steve Israel is getting desperate that he is facing a truly worthy opponent who is motivated by patriotism and love of country as opposed to Israel who is motivated by partisan politics.

Steve Israel is certainly an expert in the politics of personal destruction given his position as head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  If you check the DCCC website you will discover a cornucopia of videos and press releases which viciously accuse Lt Col West of riding with a motorcycle gang and insulting Nazi victims.   To smear a military hero like Lt Col West is business as usual for the DCCC machine and Steve Israel.  Is it any wonder that he would seek to tarnish the reputation of another military hero, Steve Labate?  There is an old expression which says people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.   Well Congressman Israel, you live in a glass house and it’s called the DCCC attack machine.

So please Congressman Israel, spare us your phony virtue concerning personal attacks.  As head of the organization who wrote the book on dirty politics, you have no credibility in castigating Lt Col Steve Labate by cherry-picking his remarks and accusing him of starting a fight.  .  We military people are trained to be fighters, and fight we will against you and your destructive policies. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think a military hero like Lt Col Steve Labate will back off his criticism of you. If you can’t handle a little bravado by an opponent, you have no business serving in Congress.  So next time you feel threatened by Lt Col Labate’s comments, take a pill and go on Oprah to complain instead of ginning up some phony controversy to sucker people into donating money to your campaign you jackwagon.

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