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My Fellow Americans It’s Time to Shit or Get Off the Pot

The moment of truth has arrived and it’s time for freedom loving Americans to shit or get off the pot.  The precedent set today which will live on through  “starry decisis” gives the government unlimited taxing authority which could conceivably be used to force us to buy GM cars, foreclosed HUD properties, join only religious organizations the regime determines are acceptable. This sky is the limit and there is no positive spin on this that is worth the paper it is printed on. The only thing we can do is to put solid conservatives in office who will fiercely defend the US Constitution.  I certainly didn’t devote my life to the US military to sit back and watch my country be dismantled piece by piece by the tyrannical actions of Obama and democrats.  We are not at the precipice of losing our country, we are there.  This is no joke folks and the time for action is now or resign yourself to living in a Marxist dictatorship.  So get off the couch, turn off the baseball games and dancing with the stars, and save your country. You need to go above and beyond preaching to the choir of like-minded individuals on facebook.   Donate what you can, even if it’s $5 to conservative, constitutionally faithful candidates.  Volunteer to walk the districts you live in to promote candidates who will stop the tyranny.  Talk is cheap and your inaction constitutes agreement with the road Obama and his fellow travelers are taking us down.  Nothing less than the future of your country and the freedoms warriors through our history fought so hard to protect is on the line.


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