“Lowlights” of Steve Israel’s Congressional Career


§ Has not had a sponsored bill enacted since 2004

§ Sponsored 144 bills Only 2 Were Enacted

· 2004 H.R.3917 : To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 695 Marconi Boulevard in Copiague, New York, as the “Maxine S. Postal United States Post Office”

· 2001 –H.R.3379 : To designate the facility of the United States Postal Service located at 375 Carls Path in Deer Park, New York, as the “Raymond M. Downey Post Office Building”

§ Votes with Nancy Pelosi 94% of the time

2011-2012 Legislative Record

§ 29 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 33 of 440) 0 Made Into Law (Ranks 141 of 440)

§ 216 Co-Sponsored Bills (Ranks 62 of 440) 6 Made Into Law (Ranks 2 of 440)

§ Ranks in the worst 10% of Congress for Missing Votes


§ HR- 3408 – Keystone Pipeline- Voted Against

§ HR 3200-Obamacare-Voted For

§ HR-5- Repeals the Independent Payment Advisory Board (Obamacare Death Panels)-Voted Against

§ HR 1837-To supply desperately needed water to farmers in California-Voted Against

§ HR 1633-Eliminates Excessive Federal Regulation of Farm Dust-Voted Against

§ HR 10-Prevents Regulatory Agencies Rules from Being Enacted without Congressional Approval-Voted Against

§ HR 527-Require complete analysis of impact on small entities of regulatory rules-Voted Against

§ HR- 2560-Cut, Cap and Balance Federal Budget– Voted Against

§ HR-1 – American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Stimulus Bill)-Voted For

§ HR-1424-Banker Bailout Bill (TARP) – Voted For

§ HR 2751-Cash for Clunkers-Voted For

§ HR 471-Washington DC School Voucher Program-Voted Against

§ HR 6166-Establishment of Military Commissions to try enemy combatants-Voted Against


§ Over $1 Billion To Failed Department of Energy Green Technology Progams (Solyndra)

§ 2008-2010 Over $60 million in earmarks which benefited many of his political contributors

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