Congressman Steve Israel is Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!!

Oh my, is Steve Israel afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?  Sure sounds like it when you read his campaign website where he whines and cries about some good old fashioned trash talking by Lt Col Steve Labate.  I bet Israel went home and told his mommy about the big bad bully, Lt Col Steve Labate!

Congressman Israel’s campaign attacks Lt Col Steve Labate for a comment Labate made at a recent fundraising event.  Quoting from Israel’s website  “At a Republican gathering late last week, our opponent set the stage for an ugly, nasty campaign by saying things like: “I enjoy a good scrap…Steve Israel will have the fight taken to him like he’s never had before.” That’s not a policy disagreement, that’s personal.”  The Israel campaign goes on to accuse Lt Col Labate of having a vendetta against Steve Israel and that Labate is itching for a personal fight ( The only thing personal about Labate’s remarks is his expressed desire to stop the destructive policies of Congressman Israel, President Obama and the democratic party so his children are not left with a 3rd world country where fear and despair reign supreme.  Talk about grasping for straws in characterizing Labate’s comments.  Seems to me Steve Israel is getting desperate that he is facing a truly worthy opponent who is motivated by patriotism and love of country as opposed to Israel who is motivated by partisan politics.

Steve Israel is certainly an expert in the politics of personal destruction given his position as head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).  If you check the DCCC website you will discover a cornucopia of videos and press releases which viciously accuse Lt Col West of riding with a motorcycle gang and insulting Nazi victims.   To smear a military hero like Lt Col West is business as usual for the DCCC machine and Steve Israel.  Is it any wonder that he would seek to tarnish the reputation of another military hero, Steve Labate?  There is an old expression which says people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.   Well Congressman Israel, you live in a glass house and it’s called the DCCC attack machine.

So please Congressman Israel, spare us your phony virtue concerning personal attacks.  As head of the organization who wrote the book on dirty politics, you have no credibility in castigating Lt Col Steve Labate by cherry-picking his remarks and accusing him of starting a fight.  .  We military people are trained to be fighters, and fight we will against you and your destructive policies. You’re barking up the wrong tree if you think a military hero like Lt Col Steve Labate will back off his criticism of you. If you can’t handle a little bravado by an opponent, you have no business serving in Congress.  So next time you feel threatened by Lt Col Labate’s comments, take a pill and go on Oprah to complain instead of ginning up some phony controversy to sucker people into donating money to your campaign you jackwagon.

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