Journalistic Malpractice of the Lowest Order-The Lynching of Herman Cain

If any of the “so-called” journalists/commentators reporting on the Herman Cain “sex scandal”  had been honest they would have pointed out in the original Politico article the following “physical gestures that were not overtly sexual but made women uncomfortable”. Yet the media ran with this story and called this a sex scandal .
In addition, the lawyer for the accuser appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 on Nov 1 and “unwittingly” disputed everything being reported by the media – here’s the video of the interview As I’m sure you are aware, AC360 and his panel are no fans of Republicans.  Among the things said by the lawyer included the following:
– He had not contacted the National Restaurant Association (NRA) while you were all reporting they were not releasing the accuser to speak
– He admitted he no longer had the case file and had no recollection of what the complaint or settlement entailed
– He admitted his client was not enthusiastic to go public even though the media was reporting she couldn’t wait to tell her story
– He admits he doesn’t know what proof his client has regarding the alleged incident(s)
– He essentially says trust me, I know my client and she wouldn’t lie
– He admits Herman Cain was exonerated of the sexual harassment charges in part 2 of the interview
Now we have today this story reported by CBS news Political Hotsheet  where the accuser’s lawyer says it’s conceivable Cain didn’t even know about the agreement since he was not a signatory and had left the NRA by the time the agreement was signed.  CBS goes on to report “Cain left the association June 30, 1999, according to the NRA. Under that timeline, Cain would have been gone when the settlement was reached–and may well have been gone when she filed the complaint.”
Despite the facts laid out above, the character assassination of Herman Cain by the media continues unabated and at best could be construed as journalistic malpractice and at worst  a carefully construed plan, by the liberal and so-called conservative media,  to drive a stake through the heart of  Herman Cain’s candidacy. In either case, most of the media have now been exposed for the frauds that they are. If a suburban, New York housewife as me can figure out what the facts are, why can’t the so-called experts in the media? The answer is that they didn’t want to.

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