Defending Herman Cain from the Media Smear Machine

As you may be aware, the left and the media are going nuts with negative articles about Herman Cain and some of his missteps.   Here’s my response to the four lines of attack they are using.:Mr. Cain is not a professional politician who has been “handled” by the so-called experts and schooled in the art of answering the gotcha questions. Regarding his position on abortion, he is 100% pro-life and the National Right to Life Committee vouches for it here : You can be personally opposed to abortion, but understand because of Roe v Wade we’re stuck with it. Under the law, it is a family’s right to choose, that doesn’t mean we agree, the two views are not mutually exclusive. Herman was sticking by his personal values of being anti-abortion, while respecting the constitutional right that was given with Roe v Wade. Until he becomes president there isn’t much he can do about the law. When he becomes President, he will appoint SC judges who stick with the original intent of the constitution and not find imaginary rights that the liberal judges seemed to find when they ruled on Roe v Wade. Additionally, Mr. Cain spent $1M on a campaign to urge black voters to vote pro-life:
 Regarding the alleged flip-flop on negotiating with terrorists, here is the unedited video of Herman Cain with Wolf Blitzer: He clearly states that after considering all the facts of a particular situation, I could see myself making that decision as President. Critics are parsing his words and deducing that Herman Cain would negotiate with terrorists. That’s not what he said. He was given a hypothetical scenario and he gave a nuanced response which his detractors have turned into a political fader. Could Herman Cain have chosen his words better? Absolutely, and he acknowledged this on numerous occasions. I’m sure Herman Cain will make some mistakes in the future because as he says, I’m not a politician I’m a problem solver:
 On the immigration question, Herman Cain shares the views of most Americans who want our borders closed to the illegal invaders who are not only breaking the law, but are taking away jobs from citizens and draining the social safety nets of our country. Who cares if he said he wants an electrified fence. Sheriff Joe Arpaio said his fence is electrified and it doesn’t kill people. Look at what Mr. Cain plans to do with the border: Mr. Cain doesn’t play the political correctness game, but when the sharks in the media whip his comments up into a frenzy of negative publicity, he had to respond.
Recognizing the necessity of revitalizing economically depressed communities, Herman rolled out his proposal for economic opportunity zones which would create jobs in cities across the country and help the poor. Under Cain’s plan, the federal government would designate for exemption from the 9-9-9 plan special areas with high unemployment and poverty. In these areas, businesses could deduct their entire payroll from their income subject that would normally be subject to the business tax. People who live or work in these zones would also get tax benefits. The idea of economic empowerment as a way to raise up the less fortunate among us is not some new idea of Mr. Cain. Mr Cain has been preaching this message for many years in fact you can read the history of his views in columns he wrote over a five-year period here: Mr. Cain was not pandering to the criticism of his 999 plan with his economic opportunity zone initiative. On the contrary, Mr. Cain’s 999 deals with how we will be taxed and the economic opportunity zone is one way Mr. Cain will promote growth. To use Mr. Cain’s analogy of apples and oranges, critics are mixing apples and oranges: 999 deals with taxes and economic opportunity zones deals with growth. Fallacious attacks that suggest he’s tweaking his initial plan show a complete lack of understanding fundamental business and economic principles.
Why are the media and the left so quick to whip up a firestorm of criticism anytime Mr. Cain makes a misstep? What are they afraid of? Since it’s obvious that they think Mr. Cain’s candidacy is a joke, I’m a little puzzled by the plethora of media stories which disparage his every move. Maybe the media and the left have come to the same conclusion as me, that Mr. Cain will beat President Obama and become the next President of the United States.

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