Rand Paul: “I have a message from the tea party..we’ve come to take our government back”

That was Rand Paul’s victory message last night and now I have a message for John Gomez and the Suffolk RINOs:   “we’ve come to take the Republican Party of Suffolk County back”. 

The Labate volunteers were out in full force Saturday in downtown Huntington.  The response of the voters was overwhelmingly supportive of Steve Labate and his credentials as the ONLY conservative, republican in the race. See pictures below.  Voters told us they are fed up with politics as usual and didn’t take kindly to the actions of the Suffolk RINOS.  John Gomez (independent turned republican) may be a nice guy, but how is he any different than the turncoat Arlen Spector (republican turned democrat) or Randy Altschuler (green party turned republican). Mr Gomez is just another political opportunist with a law degree.  We see what a great job all those congresspeople with law degrees are doing in DC!!  That’s why we get 2000 page bills that no one can make heads or tails of.    What was it that Shakespeare’s Dick the Butcher said about lawyers??

Steve Labate, on the other hand, is everyone’s neighbor.  He’s a conservative, middle-class family man trying to raise a family in a world gone mad with liberalism.  Not only is he an active member of the tea party movement, but serves his country in the Army Reserve while working full-time in the financial field.    He has served our country in war and peace, having deployed to Iraq and other undisclosed locations.  He wants to save our country from the socialist/communist policies being implemented by our current government.  Steve is ready to go to DC and fight for we the people, not we the ruling elite!





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