Taking It To The Streets!

That’s exactly what Steve Labate and his army of volunteers are doing this weekend.

While the Suffolk County RINOs were busy slapping each other on the back at their nominating convention, Labate volunteers were drawing up their battle plan to take to the streets of the 2nd Congressional District.  We will be “fanning  out ” across the district greeting voters, educating them on Steve Labate and exposing the back room deals of the Suffolk County Republican Party.  Boots on the ground is the game and we’re playing to win.

 I know you RINOs want us to pick up our marbles and go home, but that’s not going to happen.  You see, we are motivated by duty, honor and country.  We will not stand by and allow you to steal the Republican nomination from the ONLY conservative republican in this race, Lt Col Steve Labate.

That’s right people; the Suffolk RINOs have nominated John Gomez who is not technically a registered Republican.  His recent registration in the party makes him ineligible to primary a legitimate Republican, Steve Labate.  Republican voters of the 2nd Congressional District, your party leaders are running a shell game and they think you are too stupid to notice.   We will get Steve Labate on the ballot and let you decide who should take on Steve Israel. 

The battle lines are drawn, the threats are identified and the troops are ready to mobilize. We’re taking our campaign to the streets of the 2nd Congressional District.  Join our fight…Spread the word…Stop the tyranny of the Republican Party hacks!!!



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2 responses to “Taking It To The Streets!

  1. We need to stop playing games in this country, we need to pick candidates who will stand up for the people and who will help this country get back on track! We need Stephen Labate in the 2nd congressional district now!!!!!!!

  2. Lisa

    Have you seen all of Labate’s endorsements so far: Combat Veterans for Congress, Iraq Veterans for Congress, National Defense PAC, The Right Principals, Stephen Flanagan (founder & current chair of the Conservative Society for Action) and the CABOSA Group (Citizens against Barack Obama’s Socialist Agenda). There may even be more, that I have not found. Way to go! He IS the real deal for sure.

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