Empty Suit Alert!!!!

Riddle me this…What do you call a Republican Candidate who is unable or unwilling to defend the 2nd Amendment?

Answer:  A Spineless, Empty Suit.  An empty suit is exactly who the Suffolk County Republican Party is endorsing in the 2nd Congressional District.

On 4 May, S.A.F.E. (Sportsmen’s Association Meeting for Firearms Education, Inc) hosted a meet the candidates night.  Steve Labate and John Gomez were in attendance and given the opportunity to explain their positions on the 2nd Amendment.   Stephen Labate stood proudly in support of our right to keep and bare arms.   Labate is a gun owner,  a licensed pistol permit holder, a lifetime member of the NRA, and of course a trained Military Officer. We can rest assured that Steve Labate will vehemently defend our rights under the 2nd Amendment. 

In sharp contrast to Labate’s testimony, John Gomez stood and said in paraphrase: “I am the Republican nominee and I am really here to listen and learn”.   Are you kidding me??  What do you need to learn Mr. Gomez?  Great, just what we need, another empty suit who will form an opinion dependent on which way the political winds blow.

Candidates like  Gomez are the reason liberal radicals keep getting elected in New York. When the Republicans and Conservatives put up RINOs and CINOs for candidates, the only one who benefits is the Democratic candidate. Voters see no difference between the two parties and therefore, continue with the status quo. We the people are fed up with politics as usual. We want principled candidates with proven track records of supporting the ideals of the US Constitution. John Gomez is just another empty suit whose candidacy  will assure the re-election of the Steve Israel.



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3 responses to “Empty Suit Alert!!!!

  1. Annette

    You have created a wonderful blog “longislandpatriot”. You are to be commended for your service to our country, as is Lt. Col. Labate. After reading this, I am more upset then I have been by everything that is going on in CD-2. Gomez is not capable of defending the Second Amendment of representing CD-2!

    What has become of the proud Republican party that once existed! Am I the only one that sees the mess our leaders have created and the feeding frenzy that Steve Israel and the Democratic party must be seeing with Gomez in the mix for the General Election. I can see it now, when Israel is campaigning to vets him saying look how “your” own party treats its proud vets, or do you want your Candidate to have been selected by Sean Hannity, a candidate that could not get the nomination on his own and had to have Hannity speak for him, even before he was nominated – well, look what I’ve done for you. ISRAEL’S DONATIONS WILL SKY-ROCKET! The independent voters (who are key) will either not vote out of disgust or will go for Israel out of disgust. It will not be pretty and it will make our party (hopefully the Conservative party will see the light before it is too late) look like star-struck fools!

    Keep up the hard work – “Longislandpatriot” – WE NEED TO GET LABATE IN OFFICE! Gomez will NEVER EVER get my Republican vote! Food for thought, if “Oprah” had not gotten involved with the Obama campaign, we may not have this health-care mess, because he probably would not have been elected. Hannity, you are our Oprah – hopefully we will have a better result!

  2. “I am the Republican nominee and I am really here to listen and learn”, I think if you are running to be a congressman you should be able to know and defend you position on gun control and the 2nd amendent. We need someone like Lt. Col. Stephen Labate who is willing to state what he believes and is still willing to listen to others and still stand his ground!

  3. Nancy Jones

    Well knowing Lt. Colonel Labate is the tea party favorite and will wage a primary battle, Sean Hannity can’t stay away and allow his buddy John Gomez to stand on his own two feet. God forbid Mr. Hannity would do that, of course! Everyone knows Mr. Gomez opens his mouth and falls right on his face every time. Mr. Hannity is back in the picture actively recruiting other celebrities to endorse John Gomez, a registered Republican for a whopping 5-6 months, and has begun fund raising for him over the internet… What is wrong with Mr. Hannity? Does Mr. Gomez have something on him or is Mr. Hannity just the greatest phony ever? Lt. Colonel Labate was much too kind to call for a cease fire on Hannity. Catch up on the latest Hannity gimmicks here….

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